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Printing FAQ in Sacramento, CA

Q. How do I get started with my printing project?
Q. How do you go about providing an accurate quote on a proposed project?
Q. Is copying cheaper than printing?
Q. What is Thermography printing?
Q. Can you help me design my mailer/brochure/business card, etc.?
Q. What about proofreading?


Q. What electronic document file formats do you accept?
Q. What image file formats do you accept?
Q. What are RGB and CMYK colors?
Q. Can you match the color sample print from my inkjet printer?
Q. What is a bleed?
Q. What is trapping?
Q. How do I set up artwork that trims and/or folds?
Q. How can I avoid pixelated text?
Q. How can I be sure that my file is print-ready?
Q. How do I send or upload my files to you?
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